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14 August 2010 @ 05:39 pm
confidence---too good not to share  
The difference between a confident and a shy person can be seen in their body language. If 95% of all communication is done non-verbally, then giving off the right signals is essential. Experts in confidence understand the importance of giving the right signals to people. An air of confidence can make or break an important business negotiation, attract a date or attract others to you.
You see, confident people tend to win peoples trust. Confident people tend to get the breaks in life because it makes people think, "Hang on a minute there is something about them." Having that ' something' about you is an extremely desirable quality to have, and yet it is also far simpler to attain than people realise.

The thing about confidence that people do not realise is that to be confident is the same as being confidence. In other words, rather than being something elusive, the trick to being confident is to act confident. Even if you are privately dealing with insecurities, you can still appear confident - Think of this in the same way somebody with a weak hand bluffs during poker or the way an actor appears on stage. The more you act in a particular way the more you become the act.
The difference between people who are confident and those who are shy are their habits. The more empowering habits you have , the better your life is going to be. Becoming confident is therefore a matter of gaining the right habits, the right thinking and the right approach towards communicating with others. Prepare to become excited as you witness the transformation in yourself as you become more confident in your own abilities.

The mind and the body work as one together, influencing one another to the extent that they become a single entity. You can communicate confidence from thinking confidently. The more you practice confidence by reliving confident experiences in your mind the more your physiology will naturally exhibit confident expressions. Alternatively, the more your physically exude confidence results in more confident thinking. The mind can never be separated from the body, so remember that at all times.

So, to gain extra confidence consider thinking about the following: First of all, consider how a confident person walks and moves. How would their body posture be different? What kind of things would they be thinking? How would they speak to other people? Once you have answered these questions you have successfully built up the image of the 'ideal type.' An ideal type means exactly what it suggests; namely, a perfect construction of a particular subject or theme. Take your ideal confident type and now assume its identity by imagining yourself in possession of its characteristics again and again.

There are some body language signals you should be looking to avoid should you wish to exude confidence. For example, avoid giving of weak, wimpy looking gestures. This means avoid any behaviour that suggests you are not in control this includes submissive gestures such as avoiding eye contact, slouching and hanging your head. But you should also avoid angry and panicky looking behaviour, for anger can be taken as a sign that the situation is out of control. You should be adopting a cool, composed and calm demeanour especially in stressful situations. Remember that confident people tend to be chosen as leaders. Since you want the characteristics of a confident person, you want the characteristics of a leader.

You should avoid giving off any signals that suggest you are blaming others for something going wrong. Fully confident people never indulge in acts such as finger pointing and other angry gestures. Confident people look for solutions to problems. They remain cool, calm and collected to events and the world around them. Remember, confidence is a form of strength which is why it is so attractive to people. The negative kinds of behaviour we just discussed will give impression that you do not believe in yourself. Imagine you are going for a job interview knowing that you need to sell yourself to your potential employer. It does not take a genius to work out that you can't expect people to believe in you as an 'investment' if the investment does not believe in itself

By acting confident you will become more confident it is as simple as that.
To you added confidence

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