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02 January 2010 @ 09:34 am
wow, it's been a while since i've written. I've been getting settled in with my new job supplies, mountains of em, and making way for a new computer/fax, printer> i'm trying to figure out what I will do about TWO yes two, Iphones. there could be worse things to think about. :) I was very lucky and had some help, first by the homeless guy walking past, what a sweetie! And then Amber, Stephanie and the man and the kids were here. Tara came over and we busted what was a whole van load of stuff into my big ass closets, labeled nicely. It feels really good to be able to accommodate car stock, and organize it somewhat without extra storage.

i've been trying to get used to the amount of noise EVERYWHERE. i've been wearing my headphones as earplugs. I enjoyed the silence, every minute of it, and can't wait to carry on with it regularly. I guess that means i'm not so suited for "city" life afterall. I spoke with my friend who lives in Minnesota, and he really wants me to come visit. I could probably be his nanny and perhaps start up a nice health care clinic. California, I love you, but i'm not going to die here unless of course, this place kills me, which might very well be the case sometime.

I met some awesome women from my neighborhood while I was away. I love how getting away, far away, can bring you closer to the people you are supposed to meet, near you. It warms my spirit to make these kinds of connections. And I don't disbelieve it any more. I rarely say it's "too good to be true" It is both good and true.

The time of year when everyone else celebrates the new year is so funny. I find myself tugged between solstice, chinese new year and persian new year. January 1 is my deceased brother's bday, so it's never really been that big of a thing for me, these past years June 25 marks the anniversary of his death, and I think it's 3 years now.

I meditated the new year in, which was a fabulous exercise for me, and also went to see avatar, which i'm quite sure has deeply imbedded social messages for the era we are really entering into that we can occasionally get glimpses of if we are quiet and intune enough.
Jilliannnnnnn: misotheresonlytoday on January 2nd, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
Hey you,

Avatar was AMAZING.. The world could be closer to that picture of peace but people just dont seem to ever want to allow it.. if I could "go" to that planet, Id leave in a second... In the meantime, the plants and animals that surround me where I live will keep me as close as possble to this idea..

My other half and I had been feeding a beautiful crow daily, it would wake us up, and we would share peanuts with it, and we found it run over a short while after that.. its been hard loosing so many beings lately.. my cat, my dog, the crow, etc.. and as much as I love cars (aesthetically, historically, and their capabilities) I highly dislike that theyve destroyed this planet so much.. sdkfsldkf anyway,,

Im moving to San Antonio with my Oli. Hes my other half as far as Im concerned.. His jobs moving him but were excited for something new.. California is killing us also, although we both love it here.. :-/

I hope all is well! I havent had a job in SO long! All I do is art and sell things I find, etc, but I really love doing that.. I just cant always pay the bills.. I actually havent paid bills in 3 months because of the holiday season, I havent made much. Oh well.

Keep in touch!