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13 December 2009 @ 01:37 pm
in lifes winter find your invincible summer  
I had to stop by the store to pick up a few essentials, really I just needed condoms.

I was slightly overwhelmed and deterred by the amount of christmas themed candies in the store, no mind to the parking situation or the rain, the condoms no where to be found, it was the candy in all colours that threw me off.

I picked up what I needed and found myself tempted by the dove dark chocolate. Interesting enough, I think it's evident my mind was set on outcome.

Dove also happens to have a new peppermint bark with tips from martha stewart. I'm kind of a chocolate fanatic, I like it as raw, fair trade and dark as possible, but in a pinch, this will do. Anyhow i'm remarkable pleased with the taste of doves peppermint bark and easily amused by martha's holiday tips on the inside. The woman at the counter was humming silent night while I asked whether or not there was a bathroom for customers, she didn't hesitate to say no and get back to humming. I opened up the bag of candy and gave her a few. She was delighted. I probably wouldn't have given her christmas candy if she hadn't been humming christmas tunes.

In living in harmony with the seasons and taking into account the shifts happening on a global level, even the way we decorate our christmas tree can have an impact into how we treat the holidays, and how the holidays treat us. For the past few years being grief stricken I couldnt bring myself to be remotely interested in the holiday spirit and though this year is similar, I selected ornaments on the premise of what the colour represented. So instead of overdoing everything with red, a very Yang colour, I am using very classic and traditional tones of gold and silver, celebrating and cherishing all that shimmers, and withstands.

I attended a lecture yesterday about diet, body, mind, and community tips to stay well during the winter. We did a few exercises for the lungs and the kidneys. I feel warm just thinking about it. I am honored to take part in the collective responsibility of ours to adapt to our ever changing and expanding circumstances and take charge to empower ourselves to keep moving forward with that transformational momentum. My favorite suggestion about the season was communicating our values with our community. The question came up that "everyone is so stressed about money" and as wise and calm as could be represented, the answer responded for itself so simplistic. "offer a minimal holiday this year if everyone is stressed equally."

everything and nothing. gold and silver and white and red. and green. and sex. and chocolate.